Foxway appstore celebrates its first 100 partners!

Foxway celebrates the first 100 partners for its Appstore opening. This creates a solid platform for future market development in delivering applications, services and solutions to end-customers.

Foxway was announced as a Xerox PAB Authorised Developer in September 2014. Since then, Foxway have developed the print market’s first MFP ‘on-device’ appstore, together with a range of applications to download and try-out free for 30 days.

Foxway VP Partner Relations, Björn Nilsson said, ”We are very pleased with the response we have received. Many apps have already been downloaded from our appstore in just two weeks after the initial launch. The most popular apps to have been downloaded include “Call me Back” App, which allows the user to request a call back from their service provider, and “Meter Read”, a simple app that enables one-touch read and send of volumes to pre-configured recipients.”

Björn Nilsson continues, “Our first seven applications provide simple and effective functionality, and are just a taste of what we have planned in Q3 and Q4 this year. We are looking forward to releasing these apps and working with our partners in creating more business value for the end-customer.”